New Poll: How many people touch the CSS in your current main project?

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Chris Coyier on

The question is in the title. The voting widget is the sidebar on larger screens and down there somewhere on smaller screens.

By “touch”, I mean:

  • Actually author and edit it.
  • Or, are an active consumer of it. You/they write HTML and use the CSS available thus have a vested interest in the actual CSS, not just the outcome.

This is potentially a different number than the number of people in your organization, on your project, or even on your front end team. There is probably some surprisingly large organizations where the answer is 1 or 2. And probably some smaller organizations where lots of people are in and out of the CSS.

As all of our simple one-off polls, we won’t get any cross-reference. But, we’ll get a sense of the situation for a wide swath of front end developers. I’m very curious to see the results here. I honestly can’t guess how the curve is going to look.

If you work on lots of projects, pick one. Pick the biggest or the one you spend the most time on or care the most about.