New Poll: How do you keep track of design inspiration?

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There is a new poll in the sidebar folks. If you are reading via RSS you’ll have to make the jump over to see it. This time I’m asking about how you manage design inspiration you find around the web, if at all. I believe that it can make you a better designer if you have some kind of system for remembering inspiring bits of design you come across in your daily web travels. There are lots of ways to do it, how do you?

  • General Social Bookmarking (Delicious, Magnolia, etc) – There are lots of these services, and most of them offer some kind of browser add-on to make quick work of adding new bookmarks.
  • Image-based Social Bookmarking (ScrnShots, FFFFound, etc) – Regular social bookmarking sites can do the job, but aren’t necessarily perfect for design-bookmarking since they are based around text. There are a handful of image-based systems though, which may gel with your system better.
  • Local Bookmarks – Like to kick it old school?
  • I don’t keep track, I just cruise the galleries when I need to (Best Web Gallery, PatternTap, etc) – Let other people do it!
  • I have my own system – Use a notebook? Save screenshots locally? Photographic memory?!
  • I don’t