New Poll: Is Your Degree Related To Your Job?

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Chris Coyier on (Updated on )

The full question is:

If you have a degree from college and have a job, is that degree related to your current job?

It’s pretty common to hear about folks who have made their way into the web worker world from some completely unrelated field. Hear enough stories like that and you might start thinking nobody who works on the web actually went to school for it. But is it true? How will real poll numbers look?

To clarify a bit, “degree” can mean any kind of degree from associates to PhD. The “tangentially” option means that you went to school for something that sort of relates to what you do now, but not exactly. That’s how I would vote, for example, because I went to school for Art focusing on ceramics and graphic design, which I find tangentially related to web design, but not directly.

If you don’t yet have a degree or a job, this poll ain’t for you, but I’ll do something more all-encompassing next time. Poll is in the sidebar of the site.