New Poll: Command Line Usage

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Chris Coyier on (Updated on )

I have a feeling the readers of CSS-Tricks represent a fairly wide range of job types and skill levels. It would be interesting to know how frequently used command line usage is amongst the general web worker population.

Call it what you will:

“Command Line”

Or specifics like Bash/Dash/Zsh/Etc. In this poll we’ll just call it the command line for consistency. It’s the thing where you type in text commands and a computer does something.

OS X comes with a program called Terminal. But all operating systems have some kind of command line access.

I think probably the easiest metric to gather would be how much people use it. So let’s make the question:

On average, how many commands do you run from the command line each work day?

Vote in the widget on the site itself. I broke the choices down into answers ranging from “not at all” to “pretty much your entire job” – but specifying actual numbers. Feel free to guess, but apparently there is a way to get an accurate count:

Feel free to discuss whatever you like in the comments, but the poll itself will be focused on quantity of use.

It would be interesting to hear how much you like using it, how comfortable you feel using it, what you can do to level up, if you think your (or general) usage is on the way up or down, etc.