New Poll: alt Text Usage

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Chris Coyier on

Alt text has come up a bunch of times for me recently. One reader wrote to me asking if people really use them anymore. He does and said “I feel alone in carrying out the good fight.” ALA posted a reminder about when using alt text is unnecessarily repetitive. I ran across this flowchart in the comments there. The A11Y Project has a tip page on them. So I figured it would make for a good poll this round. If nothing else to raise a bit more awareness.

The poll (in the sidebar of the site), asks:

When you write alt text for an image that is important to content, you:

  • Go all out: alt=”A graph showing that 347,985 students earned a degree in 2009 and 15,496 of them were in mathematics. That is less than 5%.”
  • Do some: alt=”A graph showing 5% of degrees are in math.”
  • Do little: alt=”graph”
  • Do nothing: alt=”” or nothing at all

We’ll do a wrap up with more information and anything interesting stuff we learn later on.