New on Wufoo: Form Manager Beta, File Manager Beta, Entry Manager Beta

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Wufoo really is firing on all cylinders lately! As you may know, I’ve been using Wufoo here on this site, and pretty much every other site I’ve ever made, to power the web forms for over a decade. That’s a dang long time, which more than proves to me Wufoo is a form solution to trust. But also a product that improves!

There is a new Form Manager, Entry Manager, and File Manager.

Enable the beta stuff through the Account menu:

The new Form Manager has a modern and clean look. You can tell this has been a massive cleanup and give them better place to iterate from:

The Entry Manager is the biggest upgrade so far. You can view more entries at a time and navigate between entires much easier. I quite like how each entry takes you through kind of a ghosted version of the form itself, seeing exactly what someone entered:

The Files Manager is a brand new thing! Wufoo forms can collect files easily, so if that’s a thing you use, it might be mighty handy for you to be able to browse and manage those from the manager.

Those are great improvements for you for getting around and doing stuff within Wufoo, but of course, the most important thing is that you can build powerful forms very easily on Wufoo and integrate them anywhere you need to.