New Navigation / New Primary Sponsor

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Chris Coyier on (Updated on )

I just pushed out a new main navigation on the site. The reasons were twofold.

One, I needed to add a few new sections to the site. Go check em out! I added a gallery section where I can post screenshots of design stuff that I like. I’ve been using LittleSnapper to capture that stuff forever, so I thought I’d actually post it somewhere online too. There is also an Almanac section that is currently in progress where I hope to provide practical documentation on all CSS properties and selectors. I also moved the Deals section into the main nav. I won’t even link to them here so you can go to the site and try the nav yourself.

Two, I needed to make room for the site’s new primary sponsor: Treehouse. Treehouse is the re-branded Think Vitamin Membership by Carsonified. But this is more than a rebrand, it’s a whole new app. For a monthly fee, you get access to loads of web design and development training videos. Then you put that training to use by completing quizzes on the material. If you pass, you earn the badge. Through your public profile, these badges serve as social proof that you know your stuff. You can also follow learning paths that will take you from start to finish for creating web apps. I’m happy to have Treehouse as a sponsor. I absolutely recommend it.

Keeping it Responsive

It was a fun challenge making the new design fit the responsiveness of the site. Try it yourself to see it work. Here’s screenshots of the four different states:

The Treehouse ad is also responsive and rejiggers itself to fit into the space available, and is visible at all times.