New Improved Illustrator SVG Export Settings

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Sarah Drasner on

If you use Illustrator for SVG wrangling, you’ll love last night’s release. All of the new features make for an easier workflow. Some of them include:

  • Better default code that’s easier to hand-edit
  • Better ID’s (gone are the days of #foo_1_), with new options for unique IDs or layer names
  • Ability to export individually selected elements at a time
  • Higher quality output of SVG shapes, gradients, patterns, symbols, and masked objects
  • Ability to change the decimal place precision
  • Ability to view the export code output before finalizing
  • Easier export of multiple artboards, with a new default viewBox containing all elements

These features are available on “export”, not on “save as”, and it’s recommended that you retain your original .ai file for future iterations.

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