My Big Ol’ List of Design/Development, HTML/CSS and Personal Blogs I Read

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I’ve had a few folks ask recently what other sites I read. Like many of you I suspect, I’m a bit of a junkie when it comes to design & tech news. I really enjoy popping open Google Reader and having a nice amount of articles I can browse through. It’s really amazing how much good stuff is out there on a daily basis. I do tend to avoid stuff like Slashdot, Engadget and Boing Boing. They often have great stuff, but they just post way too often and I find I get overwhelmed to easily with crap I only moderately find interesting. Here is my list:

HTML/CSS Specific

CSS Beauty News

CSS Globe: Alen Grakalic writes great articles and has a community news section where he digs up all kinds of great articles.

A List Apart: Two extremely high quality articles a month, since 1998. Code, Content, Culture, Design, Process, User Science

24 Ways: Rounds out the end of the year with 24 awesome articles on web design and development.


CSSGirl: Lindsey Lake is an independent web designer and writes about design in a nice personal and informal way.


CSSnewbie: Rob L Glazebrook does a great job of explaining basic CSS concepts. I’ve guest blogged over there as well. Rob has me inspired to get back to the basics around here too, eventually =)

CSSPlay: Stu Nicholls CSS super-site is absolutely loaded with examples.

CSSVault Blog


Design Reviver


Looks Good Works Well: Netflix’s UI Director Bill Scott’s blog.

NETTUTS: Collis Ta’eed’s new masterpeice of web tutorials. Also has a user link feed.

Posh CSS: Posting is a little slow at the moment, but usually thriving with links to killer CSS specific articles.

Stylized Web

Search This


Smiley Cat

Style Grind

Swedish fika


All Web Design Blog

Web Designer Wall: One of Nick La’s gorgeous sites. Fairly slow posting rate, because when he does, its usually a big one.

Web Resources Depot

XHTML-CSS: A really nice code validator and also a nice blog.

Design View: Andy Rutledge’s beautifully designed site.

456 Berea Street


Javascript Sites

Ajax Rain: Over 1000 downloadable examples.

jQuery for Designers

Learning jQuery: Karl Swedberg (author of Learning jQuery) and company teach jQuery.


John Resig


Design and Advertising Sites

advertising/design goodness

Creative Curio

creativebits: Apple oriented design community

CreativeTech Tips: Left brained support for right brained professionals

Design Melt Down

Design Observer


Digital Web Magazine

exljbris: Free Quality Font Foundry

Graphic Design Blog

I Love Typography


Laughing Lion DesignDead

Layer Tennis: Done for the year, but fun while it lasted.

Margins and Columns

Nice Web Type

Outlaw Design Blog

PSDTUTS: Spoonfed Photoshop Tutorials. I’m a Plus member on this one, awesome stuff.

September Industry


Smashing Magazine


Snap2Objects: Mao interviewed me on this site one time, which was fun. Lots of great freebies on here.

Spoon Graphics Blog: Chris Spoon does some top-notch tutorials on all kinds of stuff, with a lean toward Adobe Illustrator stuff. I love me some Adobe Illustrator, dont’ use

The Graphic Mac: I was flattered to be featured on here recently, as I was already a lurking reader!

TheDieline: The Leading Packaging Design Blog.

Tutorial Blog: Tutorials to help you live and learn better. I’m actually writing for this one right now.

Unmatched Style: Web design inspiration and gallery. I don’t subscribe to too many galleries, but I like to subscribe to a few and I think this one has great taste.

Vandelay Website Design: I participated in a group interview on here once. Steven does lots of great roundup articles and tutorials.



Social Bookmarking Stuff

Popular CSS Articles on

DevKick’s Feed

Chris Glass’ Feed

Digg Search for “CSS”: A lot of crap, but sometimes you find a gem before the rest of the world sees it.

Design Float


Design, Development, or Startup Company Blogs

Adaptive Path Blog: The team behind the designs of Flickr, Creative Commons, NPR, Blogger, Technorati….

Adobe Labs Blog

eleven3: Portland web design company blog

Happy Cog News: Design and development super-group

Signal vs. Noise: 37 signals design and usability blog

SimpleBits: Land of Dan Cederholm. Author of Bulletproof Web Design and Web Standards Solutions.

Stuff and Nonsense: Land of Andy Clarke. Author of Transcending CSS.

Coudal Partners

Hicks Design


Personal Blogs

Authentic Boredom: Cameron Moll

Bits & Pixels: Fredrik Wärnsberg

Olav Bjørkøy

Design Adaptations: Charity Ondriezek

Astheria: Kyle Meyer

David Walsh

Photo Matt: Matthew Mullenweg (of WordPress)

Remy Sharp

Airbag Industries: Greg Storey

Bartleme Design: Wolfgang Bartelme

mezzoblue: Dave Shea

David Airey

Ordered List: Steve Smith

iDesignStudios: Selene M. Bowlby

Seth Godin

Shaun Inman

Jonathan Snook

Terry White

Textism: Dean Allen

Chris Glass

Tim Kadlec

Jon Tan

Shape Shed: George Ornbo

Cindy Li

Anil Dash

April Holle

Elliot Jay Stocks

Cabel Maxfield Sasser

Daniel Scrivner

Derek Powazek

Dustin Diaz

AllMyLiesAreWishes: Justin Dickinson

Veerle Pieters

Niall Doherty

Jason Santa Maria

moose56 blog: David Madden

Jeff Croft

Andy Budd

Jeffrey Zeldman

Eric Wendelin

Garrett Dimon

Jason Huck

Leah Culver

Mike Davidson


Podcasts / Video Casts



Design Matters

MacBreak Weekly

Web Design TV

The WordPress Podcast


Other Random Things I Read

A Brief Message



The Happiness Project

Stuff White People Like


Yeah some of these probably could have been categorized better, but like my feed reader, it’s a little messy. I’m sure I’m missing some too. Is there any good stuff I’m missing out on? What are ya’lls favorite sites? Do any of you have sites I’m not already reading? Let me know, I’m always looking for new sites to soak in.