Moving Boxes

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We’ve been down the jQuery “sliders” path a few times before. Once for the Auto-Playing Featured Content Slider and again for the Start/Stop slider.

Many of the concepts presented in those tutorials are the same with this slider, so I’m not going to throw a lot of source code at you this time. The big difference here is that there are buttons to change panels and the panels zoom in and out. Fun!

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UPDATED Feb 16, 2009:

  • Issue with double clicking fixed. Next animation can only start when current animation is complete.

UPDATED Feb 17, 2009 (Noah Hendrix):

  • Keyboard support added, arrow keys, spacebar, and enter key
  • Code cleaned up, number of panels and initial widths/sizes are no longer hard coded, so easier to build upon
  • Clicking on non-active left or right panels also triggers animation

UPDATED July 15, 2010:

  • Moved to GitHub
  • Turned into actual plugin with more features

UPDATED August 17, 2012: