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Monica Dinculescu:

I don’t want every possible padding and margin and colour and flexbox configuration in the world. I just want the ones that I know I end up using in every project. So here is monica.css: my very own CSS framework, which I copy paste at the beginning of every CSS file and take it from there.

I love it when people make their own CSS starter. I like Sanitize, but even that feels like a bit much for most things I poke around at. If I was making one for myself, I’d probably steal some of this stuff from Monica. I’d definitely pull the margin off body as I find myself writing that line a lot. I’d probably steal some of that [class] stuff from Andy’s. My center class would probably just be text-align and I’d give myself some other centering class for my other favorite centering: display: grid; place-items: center;.

I love how everyone agrees on box-sizing.

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