Have you ever had the idea for a website or new app that involved showing news content? You don’t have to create content yourself to have the right to build an innovative news reading experience. I remember when Flipboard came out. They didn’t (and still don’t) actually produce content — they just made a fantastic experience for reading it, and did very well with that.

Where do you get that news content? mediastack. You’re going to need a great API for delivering news content, and that’s exactly what mediastack is.

You sign up and get an API key. It’s free to use for 500 requests/month, which is enough to prototype what you’re building, particularly if you’re being smart about caching responses. Then, when you need more requests, it scales up very reasonably in price.

Gotta love a good API that does exactly what you need it to do, so you can get to work.

Another thing I like about mediastack is that it’s from apilayer, who have been doing APIs like this for a long time. Their whole business is about providing purpose-built APIs for tasks that developers need to do. I like it when companies are incentivized to do a good job for you because you’re very directly their customer and using their product for exactly what it’s for.