For the love of God, please tell me what your company does

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Kasper Kubica goes on a humorous rant about the way companies describe themselves on their websites:

More and more often, upon discovering a new company or product, I visit their website hoping to find out what it is they do, but instead get fed a mash of buzzwords about their “team” and “values”. And this isn’t a side dish — this is the main entrée of these sites, with a coherent explanation of the company’s products or services rarely occupying more than a footnote on the menu.

While many of the examples and points are funny at their core, there’s clearly a level of frustration laced between the lines and it’s easy to understand why:

At this point, I’ve given up. I’m back to Google, back to searching … because even though I came to [the site] knowing exactly what I wanted, I have no idea what they offer.

While this isn’t so much about front-end development, it is a good reminder about content’s role in usability and user experience. We can have the cleanest, performant and accessible code ever committed but the site still has to communicate something and do it well for it to be useful to the end user.

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