Looking to Hire Someone for Web Work?

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The very first thing you should do is start writing. Just open a text file and define exactly who your ideal hire is. What they are like, what they hopefully know, what you’ll need from them, and what you can offer them.

Then find somewhere to post it online. Probably your own website for one. Blogs are great for that. Or get more aggressive and do an in-app notification about it. There is no excuse not to have somewhere to post it. Even if you are brand new and don’t even have a website yet, you could always use a Google Doc.

Now you need people to see it. Take what you’ve written and go post it over on Authentic Jobs. I think it’s the most mature and successful industry job board. You’ll probably get a lot of responses, so use an email filter to help keep yourself organized. I’d probably use an incoming email like “[email protected]” so they will be automatically tagged.

Good candidates will be obvious. They will email you and quickly explain in natural language why they are a good candidate. Crappy candidates will write crappy emails. Those are automatically out, since, let’s face it, all jobs require good communication.

Another reason to start with Authentic Jobs is because if you don’t find someone you like, you can just ask for your money back as it’s guaranteed. If that’s the case, I’d recommend trying to post on Smashing Jobs, 37 Signals Job Board, Dribbble Jobs, and Forrst.

None of these are free. Nor should they be. It’s a crap-job / crap-company filter. If you don’t believe me Google around for “free job boards”. Companies that aren’t willing to invest a few hundred bucks in their most vital assets don’t deserve good applicants.

Then obviously: share the link to your job posting on social media stuff. Email people you think might be interested. Email folks you think might know people.

OK I fess up

Here’s why I’m writing this: I get quite a few emails like “Hey Chris, we’re looking to hire somebody, know anybody looking?“. Oh really? Who are you? What will they be working on? What do they need to know? What are they going to earn? What benefits do they get? How should they apply? Should they send you a super vague email like this one? =)

I don’t mind folks asking me about hiring, but when you’re that vague, you’re putting the work on me, and forgive me but I’m just not going to do it. Give me a link where you’ve got everything clearly defined, and I’ll happily look it over and share it with whom I feel appropriate.