We have an .sql file now thanks to exporting it and downloading it as we did in the last video. Now we just need to run it and overwrite our currently existing local database. This local database already exists because we've long been running CSS-Tricks locally through MAMP (one of those M's being MySQL).

We connect to MySQL with the free Mac app Sequel Pro. We verify exactly which database it is we're working with by checking the wp-config.php file.

We check out the local site and verify that the new content is available. We have a couple of quick changes to make in the database itself. WordPress stores the root URL of the site in the database. Locally, that's not css-tricks.com it's css-tricks.whatup. So we use search in Sequel Pro and find and change the relevant database information (siteurl and home in the wp_options table).

We have a weird issue at the end where we couldn't connect to the admin area locally, but we fix it by turning off plugins and re-logging in.


  1. Noor Hammad
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    Hi Chris,

    From this video on your naming convention changes from 3 numbers ie. #079 to two numbers #80.

    I wouldn’t say this bugs me…but it kinda bugs me :)

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