The homepage for The Lodge when you are logged in (i.e. /lodge/) will be kind of a "portal" page. This series, which we'll call "The Big v10 Redsign Project", will eventually be just one of the projects shown on this page. Unfortunately at the time, that means there is this seemingly weird intermediary page, but that will become more useful over time.

At the time in this video, we wrote a bit of JavaScript to toggle the descriptions of videos. The idea being that browser the videos would be too cumbersome with them there. We ultimately decided against that and just paginated instead.

The "single video pages" for The Lodge are pretty much exactly taken from the "single video pages" for the free videos. We spent a good amount of time thinking about that and that experience should carry over nicely here.

One difference is the "Files" section, where I make files available to download that are relevant to the video. Those files are hosted on Amazon S3 and links are generated to download them in the same way we handled that for the video files.

We decided on the terms "Fox" and "Bear" for The Lodge plans. Bear levels get downloads.

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