The signup page for The Lodge is very important for obvious reasons: this is the page that collects the money and grants the access to the membership area. It needs to look good and work better.

Text is a part of that. We use the word "member" consistently. Become a member! The Lodge is members-only... - driving home the fact that you have to be a member to use the area.

The signup page itself is just a generic lodge "Page" - which we use for pages that need no particular styling but exist in the The Lodge. For instance, the subscription details page, and now this page. There is some logic kind of automatically built in with the signup_form shortcode. If the user is already logged in and a member, it just doesn't show the form but informs them they don't need to.

We move on to error styling for the form inputs and general tweaking.

Most importantly, we try filling in the form ourselves lots of times.

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