We make a module for the general sidebar of the site that is just for the The Lodge. If you're logged in, it will welcome you and provide relevant links regarding getting to the content and about your subscription. If you are logged out, it's a bit of a "Sales" bit as well as log in form.

And totally randomly... I decide to talk about our speed goals and where we stand as we approach the end here.

Our homepage is looking at 655k and 37 requests, which is pretty OK. It's not incredible, but pretty decent for a site with so much stuff on it and handles small screens and large with one code base.

It compares to the old site in that it's 100k larger, but has 14 less requests. 14 less requests is better any day of the week for performance.

We end up talking about even more things we can do and plan to do to increase performance even more.


  1. Arek Bartnik
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    Did you ImageOptim images before checking overall size loaded by browser?

    • Chris Coyier
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      But I used the built in image optimization that is a part of CodeKit.

  2. Arek Bartnik
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    I used that too but found out that ImageOptim is better.

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