In the last video we figured out how to serve different content within our templates based on the users's login and subscription status. We use that ability in this screencast to work on the "Sales Page" - that is, the page we've put at /lodge/ with a custom template. When a user is logged in, it will be a portal to the content inside The Lodge. When logged out, it will be the Sales Page.

We wrote a bunch of copy (in the Photoshop file, of all places) and I've moved that into the WordPress editor for this page. It's a lot of copy, and it really belongs in the editor, not in the template. So, in our template, if the user is logged out or their subscription is expired, we'll out put the_content(), otherwise we'll do something else to show them the portal.

Part of this sales page content is a Big Ol' Signup Button. We need a very clear call-to-action on this page, and this button will be it. We also put it both on the top and bottom of the page so it's nearly always visible and easy to reach.


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