Using Restrict Content Pro, we play around with creating a subscription for a user. I use my own WordPress account as a test, giving it an active subscription.

We reference some of the help materials for RCP, which is actually right within the plugin settings itself, which is pretty cool.

When we create/edit a page in WordPress, there is a new module of settings that comes from RCP. We could, for example, make an entire page only viewable by a user with an active subscription of a certain level. We're not going to do that for the most part though, we're going to make our own templates and decide what to show and not show with logic inside the templates themselves.

For instance:

<?php if (rcp_is_active()) { ?>

  Content for users with an active subscription

<?php } else { ?>

  Content for logged out or inactive subscribers

<?php } ?>

Within that logic, you could do more specific logic for levels.

If we want to expose content to only a certain level of user right from within the content editor itself, RCP also gives us shortcodes for that purpose.


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    Ewan Main

    Hi Chris. Firstly, thanks for two great series; I’ve now watched every one of both and learned a ton!

    Just a small suggestion, which I’m leaving on this post as its solution will probably come from the Restrict Content Pro logic. I allowed my subscription to lapse as I was really busy last month and knew I could come back to renew it whenever I had some more time. Yesterday I signed up to another month of Bear and found that there was only one single video left for me to watch (the final wrap-up of the artist website series). Can’t be helped; I just happen to have got as far as episode 39 before my subscription ran out previously.

    So my suggestion is that perhaps the logic be changed so that even without logging in, you can see the list of content that is in the Lodge. Perhaps the archives pages should be visible, but the titles only be turned into clickable links if you’re an active subscriber? Or even just an extra page that isn’t within The Lodge but outputs a contents list of what’s in there? Thanks to your excellent walkthrough of RCP I can see it doesn’t look too hard. Just would make things a little nicer for users, that’s all. I paid $19 just for a single 10-minute video and it left me feeling annoyed at myself!

    Anyway, thanks for all your excellent work :-)

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    Ewan Main
    Permalink to comment#

    OK, now I feel stupid for not noticing that before… many thanks :-)

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