In this screencast we continue to dig into the code of Vanilla Forums and get our theme going. We make the decision right away to do the wild-n-crazy move of nuking the entire set of CSS that comes from Vanilla and has been tinkered with by me over the years to make it work with CSS-Tricks. Be gone with the old! In with the new!

We get our working environment set up with this freshly-blank style.css file. In other words, have CodeKit watch a new folder, install Compass, get it compiling in the right place, etc. Then we're all ready to author code like we like to.

The first thing we get into is implementing the custom header. We've already done this on a static page, but we need to move it over to our new environment. This is a great place to get started because it involves all aspects of templating: HTML alteration, CSS authoring, and linking up assets.

By the end, we have a pretty solid framework in place for the forums and it's just going to be a matter of tinkering to get all the styles perfect.

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