#113: Photoshopping Comment Form

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In this screencast we jump back into Photoshop and design the comment form itself. As in, the inputs and textarea users need to fill out to leave a comment. This is placed by default at the end of the comment thread, way at the bottom of the page. Although, it can jump up higher in the thread if a user clicks a Reply link.

We look at the v9 design to give us a reminder of what it looks like now. Then we look at some existing form elements in the v10 design. There isn’t much to look at, but there is an input in the search area at the top of the page. That input has a blocky 3D “sunken” look we accomplish with a few intersecting borders. We decide to use this same look for inputs in the comment form.

We also recycle the look of the search submit button for the submit comment button. It’s not being lazy, it’s being efficient and consistant.