In this final screencast of building out the footer, we work on the bottom footer where the CodePen and ShopTalk areas are.

We have to change the HTML a bit as come come to the realization that the four chunks along the bottom (logo, text, logo, text) would make sense to be a series of inline block elements that are centered on each other (vertical-align: middle;).

We run into the issue where there is extra space between inline-block elements so we use the font-size: 0; trick from this article.

We get the layout working in the end, but you don't actually see me drop in the real images. Like we did with the Photostar I make a new Photoshop file just for these footer logos. This just makes it easier to deal with and future updates to these logos easier. I also make them 2x in size and scale them down so they look good on Retina displays. I drop them in the placeholder image tags we have and it works great.

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