With the HTML structure for the footer in place, we have what we need to start styling and getting this footer looking like what we designed in Photoshop.

We create a new SCSS file just for the footer, because that just makes sense to keep modularized and that's what we've been doing for everything else. We @import it into the main stylesheet at the bottom.

We darken the footer by using just a little RGBa background. Sass helps us a little bit because you can do this in Sass which is super cool: rgba(black, 0.5); We use an inset box shadow to create the shelf-like effect.

We push in the content away from the edges with left and right padding. Right away we need to adjust the amount of that padding based on the current breakpoint.

We style the bottom footer in much the same way. It's just a bit darker to make it look another level lower.

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