We've already spent a little time stubbing out pages so that our navigation works (Video #030) and you can click around the site, but what is on those sub pages isn't enough to feel like a real page. We spend just a few minutes fleshing out those pages so that they feel more like real web pages. Not super duper important, it's mostly just tricking our own brains into thinking more about those other sections as real areas that need attention.


  1. Miguel Chamorro
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    What happened with the quality of this file? I´ve downloaded it and is just 800×400 px.

    • Chris Coyier
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      It’s being replaced as we speak, thanks for the heads up!

  2. Krsiak Daniel
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    this vid is PIXELIZED :)

  3. CarlosGR
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    What do you use to measure screen elements? Seems nifty..

    • Josh Eaton
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      Carlos, he uses the built-in OS X screengrab utility. Use Cmd+Shift+4 to get the crosshairs and measure the screen element, and just hit Esc before letting go to prevent it from actually taking a screenshot.

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