The top module in the main sidebar of the site belongs to Treehouse, as the main sponsor of CSS-Tricks. Based on a conversation I had with Ryan Carson, some of the best converting ads they have are the ones with people in them, so we pick out one of those to use for the graphic in the module.

When we stick the image in, it hangs outside the module and has way too much spacing around it. With our new SCSS file just for modules, we write in some new rules for how image ad modules behave (no padding, full-width images).

Once we finish up with that we start going off on a tangent making other tweaks specifically for the narrowest media query breakpoint.


  1. Joi
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    This one should be the 46 screencast instead of 48 since what you do in this one is already done in 46 and 47 atm :)

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