#045: Hot Link Modules

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For I think the first time in this series, we’re going to add some new things to the design directly by working in the browser (not starting in Photoshop first). Our goal is to design up the “Hot Links” modules that show themselves on the homepage.

We label each section on the homepage with header tags. For instance “Latest Blog Posts” and “Hot Links”. Semantically, we should be using an h2 but the general h2 styling is too intense for that area. We use the classic trick where we have class name overrides for our header styling. That way we can always use the correct semantic tag but be able to override the styling at any time with the style from the header we want. e.g.

<h2 class="h5">
   <!-- correct semantically but we want style of h5 -->

The Hot Link modules are largely the same as the article modules only less complicated and they have a red square in the upper left corner instead of an orange square.