We've done a little bit of work on headers, but we'll dig in more on those in this screencast. Headers are a darn important aspect of any site. Done well, our friends h1 through h6 should serve just about every header need on even a complex site. Although, sometimes the correct semantic choice and the one we want stylisticly differs a bit. We'll soon have a solution for that.

We also look at some simple inline element styling like bold/strong italic/emphasis tags used within a paragraph to make sure they are looking good.

We finish looking at lists. Lists within articles should look like lists, with bullet points and numbering accordingly. But the spacing can get kind of funky with lists so they take some very special attention. Especially when you can have lists inside of lists. And lists inside of lists inside of lists!


  1. Steve
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    liking the vimeo video embed than the earlier player!

  2. Devin Dombrowski
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    The ol left padding looks fine for single digit list items but will look funny with any list items 10 or bigger.

  3. Dean
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    Hey Chris, lorem ipsum text is much easier to do if you just use the snippet. You just type in lorem and hit tab in Sublime Text 2 and it pastes in a bunch of dummy text for you.

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