I think it's very nice to have an individual file (.scss) that is for the vast majority of typography on the site. Normalize has quite a bit of typography related stuff in it already, so let's remove that and move it to our own typography file. The idea is to stay true to the way Normalize works best, in that we don't set things just to reset them later. Then we tweak a few things to get us on the way.


  1. Joi Glifberg
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    Hey Chris, seems like this last two screencasts has become in the wrong order, just for your info :)

    • Huw Rowlands
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      Yesh, same for me Chris?! Number #23 is appearing before #22.
      Although when on #22, clicking the Next Video link takes me to #23.

      Love the vids tho!!

  2. Gray Ghost Visuals
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    Oh no you didn’t! Totally made me cry when you talked about my ems like that. WAT EVAH!

  3. Josh Fry
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    Ems are like pre-processors, once you use them you can’t go back and they make life a little better too.

  4. Devin Dombrowski
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    “… I just want to have a clean slate to start with.”

    See! You too!

    I want to like normalize.css but this is the very reason that I have a mental block with it. I also want to start with a clean slate. Yes it’s true I will set margins on my headers, but I don’t want to have to start that process by “fixing” margins that have already been set. Normalize should NORMALIZE all the margins to zero. Having all the header margins set to the authors choice is not normal.

    Sorry Nicolas. Great respect for you.

    • Chris Coyier
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      Just try thinking, instead of “normalizing” to zero, “normalize” to whatever margin you want in your actual design.

    • Devin Dombrowski
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      I’ll try

  5. Ricardo Diaz
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    The dfn element comment had me laughing. I didn’t know what it meant either then I looked it up after the video. I have to start using that more in my blog.

  6. Jeff Stone
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    I’m lovin’ this series (and the site of course). I’m a huge CC Fan! Just thought I’d point out that video 23 and 22 are out of order. The content for 23 should come before the content of 22. :)

    Thanks again for such an awesome Site.

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