Continuing the concept of "Don't Overthink It Grids", we get gutters going on in the grid by just using some simple padding. We keep the padding number consistant by reusing our global $padding variable. You'll find that we use that number a ton as we do our styling.

We style up the "module" class with a simple background and box-shadow. This is a very re-usable class that can be used anywhere.

The end result is a lovely flexible grid which only took a few lines of code. It might get a little bit more complex as we move on, but not too much.


  1. ryandolankayak
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    I am following your grid structure but for some reason when i apply padding-right to the class*=’grid’ nothing happens?

  2. marinade
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    Was it an issue with compass cache ryan? I had issues with previous videos and found a solution
    adding this to the config.rb file

                               <pre><code># disable asset cache buster
                                          asset_cache_buster do |http_path, real_path|

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