#010: Starting to Write HTML

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While looking at our Photoshop mockup, we write start writing HTML to describe what we are looking at. We are of course using HTML5 whenever it makes sense to staying as absolutely semantic as possible. For example we use the <time> element for the publication date of the <article>, because, you know, that’s smart and semantic.

We touch on using Zen Coding a little, and jump over to CodePen because it has it built in. Also, command clicking in Sublime Text 2 is awesome.

We use HTML comments (for now) to signify closing tags that are far apart from their opening counterpart. e.g.

<div class='page-wrap'>

   ... lots of space

<div><!-- END div.page-wrap -->

For our titles, we use some real titles from the live website so we’re working with some real content.