#002: Establishing Redesign Goals

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This redesign isn’t a redesign just for the sake of redesigning. I want to improve the site in every conceivable way you can improve a site. One of the big things is that the design should serve the different types of content in a way appropriate to that content. For example, the individual video pages. Why do those look exactly like blog posts in the v9 design? Isn’t watching a video a different experience? Should it be, for example, easier to find where to subscribe to more videos? The gallery is another example of an area that is sorely underserved in the v9 redesign.

In this video we look at a whole slew of goals for the redesign. That way as we move forward with the redesign process, we can make decisions that will move us toward those goals.

A high level overview:

  • Address the different types of content better
  • Be more consistant visually with certain design patterns (e.g. pagination)
  • Better cross-device treatment (e.g. responsive design and more)
  • Make the site faster
  • Increase traffic
  • Better monetization
  • More and different “little things” (e.g. whimsical bits)
  • Build the new private access area

More detailed goals are in the Markdown file below, including a snapshot of the analytics as we start the design.