This tip only applies if you have Adobe Illustrator CC (Creative Cloud). I confirmed it works in that, or the even newer CC 2014.

It's as simple as can be: copy from Illustrator, paste into HTML.

What is on your clipboard when you copy in Illustrator is apparently SVG syntax. Pretty dang useful sometimes. Just remember to clean house as needed as often what you get out of Illustrator isn't perfectly ideal for the web.


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    I don’t think this works if part of the selection is a text object.

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    saurabh gayali
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    I wanted exactly opposite of this. I have svg codes, but I dont want to save files. Directly paste on illustrator. it pastes text. May be illustrator doesnt want to analyse what text is being pasted, but there can be one option in file menu that opens a dialogues box to paste svg code and further directly rendered on illustrator.

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    LOL, this is awesome! THX a lot! (Works in 22.0.1).

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