We've learned that build tools are a particularly awesome for tasks like turning a folder full of SVGs into an SVG defs block. As is always the case in this lovely web world we live in, there is always more than one tool for the job. There is certainly more build tools for this than the two we've looked at so far.

Using Gulp? gulp-svg-sprites

Don't need inline SVG and just want to embed the SVG icons into a CSS file? Try Grunticon or the in-browser tool Grumpicon.

Want an alternative Grunt plugin? grunt-svg-sprite

Want to try a super robust and customizeable tool? Try Iconizr (or in the browser).


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    David Kizler
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    Fontastic is another nice solution for designers not quite ready for Grunt or Gulp. It gives you a link for the head so they host the def file for you, and you can just insert the svgs as needed. I think it used to be just for icon-fonts, but now you can select an svg option.

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