You made it!

Thanks so much for taking the course. I hope you've learned enough about jQuery and JavaScript that your confidence level in it has risen and you know there is nothing to be afraid of.

Remember, the jQuery documentation is decent and, if nothing else, is a good reference for each of the methods and the parameters they accept. If you're feeling like once more through the gauntlet would help seal your understanding, I'd recommend going through jQuery Fundamentals. If a true paper book would help you, I recommend Learning jQuery which was the book that got me started years ago in it's first edition.

If you have questions, the forums right here on CSS-Tricks have a JavaScript specific section. If you're watching this video, you're already a member of the forums =).

Once again, thank you and congratulations!


  1. brendan
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    Super helpful course – thanks! :D

  2. maxisix
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    Nice course ! You could add some jquery custom forms width validation and maybe angular :)

  3. Charles McKeever
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    Thanks Chris. This course served as a great weekend resource. I’d love to see a future course on CSS3 with a focus on handling common style related issues.

  4. mporter213
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    Thanks Chris — being a somewhere between newbie and intermediate level with jQuery/JavaScript, you made this course easy enough that I actually could anticipate what would come next. I will be sure to watch for future trainings!

  5. Ricky55
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    Really good course enjoyed like I have all the Lodge courses.

    Would love to see a follow up where we build some of the popular things such as sliders etc. I would love to build my own sliders etc that don’t have all the bloat of a downloaded plugin.

    I would also like to see a from scratch responsive course with navigation, dealing with image sizes etc.


  6. Robert Mion
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    Hey Chris, thank you so much for producing this series. It has helped me gain enough confidence in myself to go forth into the nexus of authoring my own jQuery and having the kajones to just ‘select and do’ and not ‘search, copy and paste’ from someone else.

    Keep on keepin’ on, for the sake of web designers and wanna-be front-end developers everywhere.

  7. Robert Smith
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    Thanks a bunch for this course Chris, I’ve done a few online JQuery courses and this really helped to fill in some of the gaps I had.

    I can see the progression where we would go from having organised code to taking that further still and using one of the MVC Frameworks. I’ve not taken the plunge into that world yet, but I fully intend to.

    I would be great if there was a Lodge series created to cover one of those popular frameworks such as Angular. Your way of explaining things makes learning these sometimes complex things easy, so that would definitely help me (and others I imagine) take the jump into the MVC world :)

  8. Fibonacci
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    Liked it, insightful! Thanks for the time you put into this, to just help us figure out jquery even better.

    Would you still say, ano 2016, though, that front-enders have to learn jquery before vanilla javascript?
    I know it was quite a topic in 2013 already, but its becoming that more and more now (drop jquery => go vanilla).

    I tune in pretty late (because of free?), but what would you change in this ‘speed-course’ now (2016), if you have to shout out your knowledge on this topic again? Would your own workflow, for example, be much different from 3 years ago?

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