We working on fixing up the site so that on "desktop" (i.e. larger) screens the site still looks good. The homepage navigation is another thing that gets a littler ridiculously large on desktop. So instead of doing that, we shift it over to the right side exposing a space on the left.

We take the opportunity to talk about media queries and nesting in Sass, and even taking that step further and using a custom @mixin for handling them smartly.


  1. Leiv Reed
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    Hi! Thanks for this amazing tut! Have you done the part where you hook up the slide color with the NAV-elements, changing the color of the menu according to the color you specified in the slider custom fields?

  2. Eoin Leonard
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    So much in this series is completely new to me (codekit/sass/wp custom stuff). Chris gives a good overview of the concepts and makes it understandable. I’m excited to dig into it in practice. Thanks for doing this Chris

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