The homepage navigation is meeting our needs well, but having that huge chunk of navigation on every page of the site isn't practical. We'll need something more understated for the sub pages of the site.

In this screencast we create that subpage navigation, just a row of links we can place underneath the header. The only big consideration is how we handle "Store", which is an external link to


  1. Kristoffer
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    Hey Chris ;) whats the reason for hardcoding the navigation here? wouldn’t it be better to be able to change the nav through the backend later?

  2. Mark Szymanski
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    Seems like you’d probe want the sub-nav on every page except the homepage. In which case do you think it would be better to put the include in the header.php and just use css or php to hide the sub-nav on the homepage?

    On an aside, I cant figure out why it’s posting me as ‘anonymous’ when I’m logged in?

  3. Mark Szymanski
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    Never mind on the ‘anonymous’ thing…

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