There is only one way to get to the blog area of the site from the homepage, and that's by clicking the "Lastest Writing". But that takes you to the most recent blog post. We'll also need a way to get to older blog posts. Jeff doesn't write super duper often, so outputting a list of every single blog post isn't that out of the question. So that's exactly what do.


  1. Paul
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    It’s totally addictive. Like the box set of Mad Men, I just gotta watch the next one!

    • JonathanBeech

      Really good, as Winston Churchill used to say, “when you are going through hell keep going.” Chris has a lot of humour when dealing with the niggling problems.

  2. Mark
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    There seems to be some stuff missed out here between 22 and 23, like sub nav etc?

  3. JinWook
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    Also in Sublime: Cntrl + Shift + P -> “Lorem” to get a lorem snippet. Maybe Cmd + Shift + P on OSX?

  4. Ricky55
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    Mark I was thinking that, I really wanted to see everything from scratch.

  5. Ricky55
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    Hi Chris these videos are in the wrong order here. Video 24 shows you coding the sub nav but from this video on the sub nav is already in place.

    Video 24 should go here in other words.

    So pleased you’ve covered it I was a bit disappointed when I thought things were being skipped.

  6. Ricky55

    Mark are you a wizard?

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