We've picked out Proxima Nova as the main font to be used for Jeff's site. It's darn popular these days, but it looks great with Jeff's work. Simple, clean lines, doesn't force too much personality. We use Typekit so that we can use it on the web. We go through the process of adding the scripts and CSS and stuff needed to use that font.

We use the iOS simulator to look at the header we create with Jeff's name so that we can just the font-size in a real mobile environment better.


  1. emanuel
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    Are there any downsides with just pasting links to javascripts into header.php instead of enqueue using functions.php?

    • Chris Coyier
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      The biggest advantage is that you “name” scripts so that you can handle dependancies. If you just paste in a link to jQuery, and then a plugin enqueues a script that lists jQuery as a dependency, you’ll load two copies (bad).

      If you get familiar with using it, you can get fancy with how you name/manage your own scripts and dependancies.

      A small advantage is that it keeps header.php clean.

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