We're going to stop looking at the old site here soon. This is the last time! Our plan now that we have a proper local dev environment is to give ourselves a completely fresh start. We want to strip the WordPress theme down to bare bones nothing and build up from there.

We start by duplicating the theme, calling the folder "JeffCampanaTheme2" this time. But we leave the old theme in place. Then we go to the WordPress admin area and check out the theme selection page. It's hard to tell them apart, so we adjust the graphic it shows there by editing the "screenshot.png" file in the theme folder.

Now we have the files all in place to start stripping.


  1. Michel Williams
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    Hey Chris,

    Love the series! Where can I find a good lean blank theme?

  2. Kennedy Otis
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    what is that login extention you have for your passwords?

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