#003 – Initial Client Communication

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In this screencast I talk about what the communication was like between me and Jeff when he first emailed me about wanting to redesign the site.

The overall vibe from Jeff was “It’s time.” It’s time to redesign the site. There doesn’t always have to have fancy business reasons for everything, that natural feeling o wanting to redesign is fine. However, there likely is a lot of specific things we can hone in on. One major example is that he changed his photography style so the newer shot images look much different than the old ones. Out with the old!

While Jeff was unsure if I could take on this project, he was looking at other WordPress themes he could use. One he found and liked was the Watson Theme. We can definitely take cues from that.

We go back and forth on the most important things for the site, as in, why it exists at all. At this point we subtly suggest the mobile first idea and let him think about why that’s a good idea himself.