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If you’ve ever had to deal much with your `.htaccess` files, you know it’s like learning a whole new cryptic language onto itself. It’s high time someone made it easy. This online generator takes you through the options in plain English (or any of of 10 languages). Then it’s just a simple copy-and-paste into the `.htaccess file` live on your server. Just an obligatory word of warning here: don’t go fiddling with these just because you can, you can seriously cripple your site.


You have have seen that “Fancymenu” that has been bouncing around for a while. Soul Visual has a simple adaptation of it that is a lot classier and that I really like.


Web Worker Daily has a fresh new design that is pretty nice. I really enjoyed their recently article on hiring a Search Engine Marketing Expert, which has some down to the point advice on the subject. From the article:

Don’t count on doing a pilot project; it’s all or nothing when it comes to SEM. t takes quite a bit of time to increase link popularity, Zlobec said. It would take a few months. You can’t really give somebody a small project and say, “Well, let’s see how you can do on this.”