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Creative Advent Series…

…was pretty cool on Positive Space this year. Twenty-four creatives share their best career advice.


Merb and Rails Merging

David Heinemeier Hansson writes:

It’s christmas, baby, and do we have a present for you. We’re ending the bickering between Merb and Rails with a this bombshell: Merb is being merged into Rails 3!

We all realized that working together for a common good would be much more productive than duplicating things on each side of the fence. Merb and Rails already share so much in terms of design and sensibility that joining forces seemed like the obvious way to go. All we needed was to sit down for a chat and hash it out, so we did just that.


Fly Off The Page

Quick and fun little jQuery plugin that makes it really easy to make page elements fly off the page.

$(elem).flyOffPage({ duration: 400 });


Shorten URLs with APIs

David has a useful series of posts on making short URL’s with a couple of different services:, TinyURL, and TinyURL + MooTools. I still like