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The winner of the CSS Menu Maker iPhone contest was announced. The winning entry is really nice. I entered that sliding doors example I did a while ago, but it’s not nearly as nice as the winner. It’s a free download too, which is cool.

I want to shout out to a couple of OS X dashboard widgets that I use all the time when creating websites. They are both from Brian Haslanger at Double Forte. One is the Symbol Caddy which is just a box of all those symbols you can never remember the code for (like the é in resumé). Click on one and the code gets copied to your clipboard for easy pasting. The other is Corporate Ipsum, which is basically a Lorem Ipsum generator, but has the option to use corporate double-speak and include paragraph tags, which makes it a really nice placeholder text generator.

This is a great video about design. I agree that design is “for the people” and you shouldn’t have to be educated in the art of design in order to appreciate it. Design is for everyone and should make everyones lives better.

Guest author Volkan has updated his example on alternate styles for anchor elements to include the border-bottom property that everyone was suggesting.

Smashing Magazine always blows me away with their super-thorough articles about important subjects. Their recent article about RSS includes an absolute ton of awesome RSS icons/graphics, most of which I have never seen before.