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I have no idea how long these “served” sites have been around, but I dig ’em. typographyserved, photographyserved, etc.


Intense Debate

Commenting is the best thing about blogs. Really makes a blog into a community rather than a virtual megaphone to shout from. But the default commenting system on most blogs has been primitive for a long time. You enter your name and comment and submit it. The only chance you get to establish who you are is to provide a link back to your own website.

Intense Debate, which has been bought by Automaticc (makers of WordPress), really takes commenting to another whole level. It allows you to establish one identity which you use to comment on every blog that is using it. This allows you to follow all your conversations easily and bring your complete profile as a commenter along with you. There are tons of other awesome features too, to much to get into here.

I have this installed here on CSS-Tricks now. If you aren’t into it, no big deal, you don’t need to be a member to comment! But I encourage you to, since I think it really is pretty cool. This way you’ll be able to participate in threaded discussions and rate comments as well! At the end of this week, I’ll go more in depth on the experience of using this so far.


Embedding YouTube at a Higher Quality

I really love design of Vimeo, but I’m a guy usually. is better for a lot of reasons like no uploading limits, customizeable players, what-you-upload-is-what-you-get quality, direct links to files, cross-posting to a number of different services, and the list goes on. But I digress, the reason we use these alternate “small guy” services is because the quality of YouTube sucks. However, the number of eyeballs on YouTube is compelling. Good news. Here is a little hack to embed YouTube videos at a higher quality.


Tips for Better jQuery Code

Marc Grabanski gives us some very important tips on working with jQuery. I really need to start using that “data” function. Benjamin Sterling follows up with his own Part 1 and Part 2.