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Prototyping with XHTML

Anders Ramsay and Leah Buley write about how prototyping web projects can be just as (or more) efficient by going straight to XHTML instead of sketching. This might feel like “jumping the gun” to some people, but I love this approach. Remember that (markup != design) and the semantic language of markup actually reads like a sketch as it is.


Max Kerning

This is just bizarre. Biography:

Who I am is the opposite of an idiot. In other words I am an anti-idiot.


jQuery AutoComplete on Google Custom Search

I found this NETTUTS tutorial pretty brilliant. We’ve all seen auto-complete on forms before, but this one extra smart. It’s a Google Search Form, which populates the auto-complete data with the most popular searches from that form, which Google provides as an RSS feed.


Better Default Directory Views with HTAccess

I while ago I did a post on improving the default directory view for your server. I basically recommended the use of a very cool PHP script by Greg Johnson which read the files in the directory and created a much nicer view for all the files in that directory. I still like it, but the truth is, I didn’t achieve what I set out to do with that post which was to take full HTML/CSS control over that directory view. Jeff Starr has gotten the job done with HTAccess.