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Browser Differences I Can Live With

For a beautiful web has a nice article on acceptable cross-browser differences. Essentially, progressive enhancement typography stuff and then things like border-radius. I completely agree. I guess that answers this question.


Feed IE6 With a Basic Stylesheet

A lot of times when you use conditional stylesheets, you create one for IE 6 that over-writes some exisiting rules from your main stylesheet to fix quirks, hide things, and do just general cleanup. Simon Clayson has a clever technique, basically a combination of conditional stylesheets, which allows all browsers to be fed one main stylesheet, but feed IE 6 it’s own unique stylesheet starting from scratch. This can be nice if you want to just give IE 6 it’s own dumbed down treatment (like a text-only site).


Adobe CS4 Announced

We’ve known about it for a while, but Adobe did the official announcement last week with pricing and features and all that. Still no date though. I don’t do a whole lot of fancy 3D or Video stuff, so I’m thinking I don’t need the Extended Photoshop. I really am undecided on what package I’ll end up getting. I do think the content-aware scaling thing in Photoshop is pretty badass.


CSS Systems: Maintaining Your Style

Natalie Downe gave a talk at BarCamp London about CSS Systems for writing maintainable CSS. Natalie does a good job of explaining the difference between a library and a framework (a library being a more individually customized set of reusable components, while a framework is a more rigid structure that affects how you must write your HTML). The full set of slides and notes are available to download.