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Fade Out Bottom (revisited)

The first post that was ever popular on CSS-Tricks was my tutorial on fading out the bottom of a website. Reader Pascal Moret wrote in with some suggestions for fixing it up for IE 6. I figured what the heck, might as well get it fixed up for those folks who might want to use it but are worried about that. The live demo is updated as well as the download.


Override Inline Styles from the Stylesheet

I honestly never even thought of doing this since clearly inline styles are usually the ones doing the overriding, but it is possible to override inline styles from the stylesheet. The theory is that you use the attribute selector, and simply something like span[style] { color: black !important; } will do the trick. IE 7 and 8 even play nice.


New jQuery Site

jQuery got a new website. At first there was a cartoony guitar-hero like illustration and a slogan “Be a JavaScript Rockstar”, but the community freaked out and the illustration and slogan are gone. I think the new design is pretty slick, but I do echo some of the lingering complaints (like lack of current navigation highlighting).



The hippest new thing to hit the streets last week was Ubiquity from Mozilla. It’s like a super AJAX, natural language, quicksilver-like, API-lovin’, mashup-mashup. Of course it’s meant to “make life easier” by adding a complicated new thingy to your browser that you have to learn how to use. It’s actually extremely cool, but it’s clearly for uber-nerds, not every-day folks.



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