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URL shortners have been around for a while, so it’s nice to see there is still innovation being done. offers all the standard features of a URL shortner, but includes compelling new features like click/referral tracking, automatic page mirroring, an API, and thumbnails (full list here).


Clever Andy

The concept behind Clever Andy is that you upload your “unused” designs, and he will “actively pursue” finding a client for that design. Once a client is found, he does all the work of slicing it up and creating the website for that client. After that, apparently, you get paid for the design, although no details are given on how much that might be.

I am going to call B.S. on this. If I understand this correctly, you give away your design for free to some dude. Now he has a huge portfolio of great designs to pick and choose from the next time he gets a client. If he does get one, he only has to pay for just the one he chooses. But that’s OK, because you weren’t gonna use that design anyway right?


Targeting and Filtering Internet Explorer 7

Another comprehensive article from Jeff at Perishable press on dealing with Internet Explorer. Covers everything from conditional stylesheets to valid CSS selectors and invalid CSS hacks, and then on to some far lesser known techniques like the lang hack.


Performance of WebKit on Mobile Safari 2.0

John Gruber on the huge performance increases in the new version of Mobile Safari.