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Shirts for Coders

A collection of HTML/CSS T-Shirts. Some are funnier than others… I do like the XHTML one =) I did a roundup of CSS shirts a while ago too.



As far as these “generators” go, this BgPatterns is pretty top-notch. Customize colors, textures, patterns, sizing, rotation… Preview it live on the page, save it, or download it.



There is a slew of free WordPress themes out there, which is awesome, but I am a big fan of “Premium” themes as well. Design work is worth money and when you pay for something, you have a better shot at getting a higher quality product. I was even considering one of the “Premium News” themes for CSS-Tricks at one point and still think that one is really nice. The creators of that original theme have now rolled it over and expanded it into WooThemes. It is no longer a pay-per-theme but is now a subscription service, starting at 3 months for $150 for a single user subscription. Looks like they have 10 themes right now and they all look great. There will be at least one theme added every month and they even have the fabulous designer Elliot Jay Stocks on board.


Check all checkboxes with jQuery

Anytime there is multiple checkboxes in a form (say, four or more) there really should be an option to “check all” and “uncheck all”. Here is how you can do it with jQuery.


Handwritten Typographers

Every wonder what the handwriting of the designers behind popular typefaces are? I wish Dino dos Santos would make his own handwriting into a font, it’s very nice.


Engine Room

There is totally going to be an MTV reality series on designers.